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2 questions about car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Imagine you were driving your daughter to school one morning when a drunk driver slammed into the side of your vehicle. Fortunately, your daughter wasn’t hurt, but you suffered a broken femur that has required extensive and costly medical treatments. You suspect that you have a viable personal injury claim to pursue, but you have a lot of questions.

Here are two questions someone in this situation might have:

I wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Can I still pursue a claim for damages?

If you violated seat belt laws and this contributed to the severity of your injuries, in some cases, the defense might succeed in claiming that you contributed to some of your injuries. Nevertheless, the best this will likely achieve is a reduction in the amount of damages you can pursue. In most cases, the failure to don a seat belt will not bar you from pursuing a claim for damages in Virginia civil court.

Will I need to appear in court?

One of the biggest fears of most people relates to public speaking. The idea of needing to appear in court and go to court proceedings can be a frightening and intimidating prospect for many plaintiffs. Fortunately, the vast majority of car accident cases get settled out of court and plaintiffs never have to appear for a single hearing. That being said, some cases may require trial proceedings. For this reason, it’s important to have a qualified personal injury attorney by your side. Your attorney will help you feel at ease in any courtroom circumstance.

If you’re concerned about your car accident case, our attorneys are standing by to speak with you about your case and educate you on your legal rights given the circumstances of your injuries.