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What are the most common injuries for construction workers?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction jobs are dangerous and it is necessary to exercise extra caution on a job site to prevent injuries. Even if you take the utmost care, however, accidents still happen and there is no guarantee that you will not sustain an injury on the job.

Construction accidents can result in serious injuries and may even lead to complicated workers’ compensation claims. According to the Occupational Safety Health Administration, four hazards are not only the most common on the job site but also the most deadly.


Electrocution commonly results from using equipment unsafely or improperly. There are times that the work environment may be unsafe as well. Electrocutions on construction sites most commonly result in burns, although there are more serious injuries such as cardiac arrest that can result from electrocution.


Interestingly enough, fall accidents are the leading cause of both death and injury on construction sites. Falling from a height is the leading cause of death while falling on the same level is the leading cause of injuries. Unfortunately, there are many opportunities to experience some sort of fall while working on a job site.

Caught in/between accidents

Working with heavy machinery can sometimes result in a caught in/between accident. This happens when your body gets caught between two or more objects. This can result in body parts becoming crushed, pinched, trapped or squeezed.

Struck-by accidents

As the name suggests, these accidents occur when heavy equipment, materials or machinery fall on you or strike you. Typically, these accidents are preventable by wearing the proper safety equipment at all times and being cognizant of your surroundings.