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Common construction hazards

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Construction Accidents, Workers' Compensation |

Working in construction is rewarding and rife with opportunities, but it also comes with many more risks than the average white-collar or office job today. If you are a construction worker or in charge of a construction site in Virginia, understanding common construction hazards is imperative to prevent and avoid accidents or injuries at all times.

Common construction accidents and hazards

When learning about workers’ compensation, it is important to know what common construction accidents and hazards can and often lead to compensation cases, such as:

  • Falls: Falls are extremely common on construction sites and can occur due to poor weather conditions, surroundings, and even obstructions.
  • Caught in machinery/equipment: In some instances, a worker may find themselves trapped or caught in machinery, buildings, or other materials, which can result in serious injury and/or death.
  • Electrocution: If you are working around electricity on a construction site, you are putting yourself at an even greater risk of being struck, injured, or even killed.
  • Being struck: Being struck by fast-moving materials and objects also contributes to fatalities throughout the construction industry.

Types of workers’ compensation

If you believe you are entitled to workers’ compensation, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with your options, such as:

Temporary disability: You may receive funds for temporary injuries as you recover and heal
Permanent/Long-term disability: Long-term disability workers’ compensation is also available due to a permanent problem or loss while on-site at work
Vocational: In some cases, compensation may be awarded for individuals to seek out new vocations or work positions if they are no longer capable of completing their current tasks

If you are working on a construction site or if you have recently been injured or disabled due to your work, consider reaching out to legal professionals who have a clear and thorough understanding of workers’ compensation in Virginia today.