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Teen drivers may behave dangerously

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Teenagers may anticipate getting their driver’s licenses with great enthusiasm, and young drivers may find themselves enjoying their travels on Virginia roads. Unfortunately, many young persons have yet to learn that safety comes first when driving. One ill-advised turn could result in a fatality — something adults may already understand. Perhaps it would be helpful if adults took steps to help make teens better drivers.

Lending safety support to teen drivers

Traffic crashes take the lives of many teen drivers each year. On average, more than 5,500 teenagers die in traffic accidents annually, and such sobering figures reveal why parents and guardians should play an active role in making their teen drivers safe drivers.

Parents may invest in a safe, reliable car, which seems wise. Also beneficial may be further investment into safe driving courses. A short time with a defensive driving instructor could reap many safety rewards. Teens lack the experience of a seasoned driver, and a good instructor may impart practical wisdom.

Proper instruction or, at the very least, decent parental advice may warn young persons about dangerous behaviors. Drunk driving remains a problem among drivers of all age groups, and distracted driving is likely more commonplace.

Texting while driving, along with making phone calls, even hands-free ones, could lead to a terrible crash. Adults must impress upon young persons that their attention should remain on the road.

Aggressive driving and teen oversight

Teenagers may feel prone to take risks and become aggressive behind the wheel. Speeding or passing a stopped school bus reflects impatient actions may lead to motor vehicle accidents with tragic consequences.

Adults may find that curfews and other rules may keep a teen out of trouble. Allowing a new driver to drive with abandon may not be the best plan. Teens who violate rules or drive unsafely may find their keys taken away from them. Telling a teen that he or she can’t drive could prevent him or her from getting into an accident and facing a lawsuit.