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Building a real estate portfolio for cash flow

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Real Estate Transactions |

Real estate in Virginia can be a powerful tool for creating a stream of income. However, it is not for everyone, and getting it right can be a delicate balance that also involves the risk of loss.

Real Estate Income

There are several different ways to profit from real estate investment, but the simplest is probably through acquiring property, and then renting it out. The idea is that the rental income will pay for at least the mortgage payments and taxes on the property, plus the costs of managing the rental. Any leftover money is profit, and over time the mortgage will be paid off, leaving a high-value asset that is still generating income. This requires a big up-front investment in a property because you need a down payment, as well as the ability to qualify for a mortgage. If the property is in a good location and has a favorable set of features like space, proximity to amenities, and beauty, then it will be more appealing to renters.

Managing a rental is a job in itself, so some investors choose to let a management company do the work of collecting rent and handling maintenance requests. This is an expense that will cut into profits, but will also make the real estate into true passive income that doesn’t take any time or oversight. Keep in mind that there are serious risks– an economic downturn or bad tenant could leave you paying the mortgage with no income.

Be aware of the challenges of real estate investing, and it could turn into a major source of income for you over time.