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Car accidents can cause severe facial injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The Commonwealth of Virginia attracts a lot of tourist traffic, and the visitors create a lot of congestion on the roads. Motor vehicle accidents can result in severe harm. More than half of the car accidents that occur across the U.S. result in some type of facial injury that can have both short-term and long-term effects on the victims.

Multiple factors in a car accident cause facial injuries

Motor vehicle accidents cause more facial injuries than any other accident. The reason that facial injuries are so common in a vehicle accident is the variety of ways that a person can be hit or otherwise struck with parts of the vehicle during the crash. Contributing factors to facial injuries during a car accident include:

• Ejections

• Flying debris

• Fires

• Airbag strikes

• Hitting a hard surface

• Broken glass

Many types of facial injuries occur in a car accident

Car accidents result in injuries to the entire facial region. These types of injuries include:

• Cuts

• Burns

• Fractures

• Soft tissue injuries

• Eye damages

Facial injuries create a long-term impact

Facial injuries can be extremely painful, especially if nerves or soft tissue are affected. The money you need to pay for medical treatment for these injuries can drain your finances. Some of the most difficult consequences of facial injuries following a car accident can be the emotional scars you will carry. If your face no longer looks the same, you can experience a significant loss of self-esteem.

Facial injuries should never be ignored

Dealing with car accidents and the resulting facial trauma can be a difficult process. Some people may even want to try to ignore their injuries, especially if they perceive them to be mild. But prompt medical care and continuing therapies may be needed in order for you to thrive following your car accident, so all facial injuries should be addressed quickly.