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Wintertime work dangers

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Winter brings more than cold weather to numerous worksites. Employees in Virginia may face several wintertime hazards, and both workers and employers should take steps to avoid injuries. Workers who suffer harm on the job in a winter season mishap may need to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits.

Winter hazards

It might be wise to examine a workplace for any potential hazards. Melting snow from a rooftop could pool and create icy slip-and-fall dangers on the sidewalk. Clearing away snow and ice might make falls less likely. Warning employees of such dangers by posting signs may help, too.

Workers and managers wearing slip-resistance footwear might walk around a little safer. Boots aren’t the only things people should wear during the cold season. Bundling up in appropriate attire may prevent sicknesses common when the cold reduces someone’s immune system.

Not all workers may be familiar with winter safety procedures. Companies that invest in effective safety training might help employees avoid mishaps that may result in serious injuries.

Injuries and workers’ compensation

Persons who suffer injuries or illnesses on the job may explore their options under Virginia’s no-fault workers’ compensation program. While various winter risks remain, at least the workers’ comp program provides a way to receive benefits if unable to work because of a work-related incident.

Workers’ compensation claims follow a formal process. Anyone hurt on the job must report the incident to an employer immediately. The next step would involve undergoing the necessary medical examinations. Delays in doing either could jeopardize a claim. Denied claims do not mean the end, though, as a valid appeal might overcome the objections to the claim.