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What should you know about DUI stats and law changes in Virginia?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which is commonly known as MADD, helps to ensure that people understand how big of an issue drunk driving can be by spreading the word regarding statistics and updates to the law. This information can shed light on what the DUI scene looks like in Virginia and what the lawmakers are doing about it in an attempt to prevent accidents.

Help for car accident victims with serious injuries

If you have been in a car accident, you may be wondering whether your injuries are serious enough to warrant the pursuit of a car accident injury claim, but medical treatment is costly no matter how serious the wound. Indeed, Virginia Beach car accident victims may wish to speak with an attorney who specializes in these matters before they provide any kind of statement to an insurance company.

Safe driving practices to avoid fatal injuries around semi-trucks

Commercial trucks and tractor-trailers are large, heavy and extremely dangerous when they are involved in an accident. Indeed, semi-truck drivers and the drivers of smaller vehicles are all in great danger of suffering fatal injuries whenever such an incident occurs. For this reason, it is vital for truck drivers to be vigilant in keeping their eyes on the road; in using extra caution and never driving when they are drowsy or under the influence of an intoxicant.

Virginia workers' compensation insurance: A valuable benefit

Workers' compensation insurance helps injured Virginia employees pay for medical bills, lost wages and other costs following an on-the-job injury. Workers' compensation can help pay for a disabled workers' living expenses; it can also compensate family members with various benefits in the unfortunate event of a worker's death.

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