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Seeking personal injury damages after a motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

Even the smallest of motorcycle accidents can result in a serious injury, but sometimes those injuries do not reveal themselves until several days after an accident occurs. For example, traumatic brain injuries might not be identified until after an accident victim has returned home believing that nothing was wrong. It is vital that anyone involved in a motorcycle accident seek medical attention at the first sign of injury.

At the Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we specialize in helping the victims of all kinds of injuries, and we are especially passionate about helping the victims of motorcycle accidents. We know that many motorcycle accidents do not happen due to the fault of the motorcycle driver. Indeed, motorcyclists are some of the safest drivers on the road due to the horrific consequences that can happen as a result of their carelessness.

Although the thrill of driving a motorcycle can provide an incomparable high that keeps motorcyclists coming back for more, the hobby can also be dangerous. Motorcyclists and their passengers are completely exposed without any protection in an accident. Meanwhile, the car drivers they share the road with are ensconced within the protective shell of their automobiles. As a result, car drivers are not always careful and they do not always look out for motorcycles — often to the point of negligence

Motorcyclists and their passengers who have suffered injury in an accident with an automobile may wish to investigate the possibility of pursuing a personal injury claim for damages. If successfully navigated, such a claim can help to pay for medical care, provide money for lost income as a result of temporary or permanent disability and provide other types of financial restitution.