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What if a driver did not cause my motor vehicle accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

Although every car driving down the road has a driver at its wheel, not all motor vehicle crashes are the fault of drivers. For example, a manufacturing defect relating to a car could result in a crash. Also, obstacles in the road, poorly maintained roads and other factors could result in a collision. When a non-driver-related issue results in an injurious car crash, victims may need to do some digging before they can determine who the responsible parties are.

Some of the most common non-driver-related reasons for car accidents include defects caused by negligent car manufacturers. When a car maker builds a defective automobile and the defects cause an accident, then the manufacturer may be on the hook for damages relating to injuries. In recent years, numerous cars have been recalled for dangerous defects, but those recalls often came too late. In other words, a number of injuries will usually occur before the car makers become aware of the problems. Even then, a recall may be delayed. Drivers and passengers who are hurt because of one of these defects will likely have strong claims for financial restitution in court.

Accidents are also caused by problems with road conditions, signs and poorly maintained plants or trees surrounding roadways. Maintaining roadways and keeping them safe is generally the responsibility of federal, state and local governments. If a governmental organization fails to maintain a roadway and injuries accidents result, then the government entity may be legally responsible to compensate victims for damages relating to the crashes.

Each Virginia Beach traffic accident case is different, but just because a crash occurred due to a non-driver-related issue does not mean that no claims can be made. Indeed, it is vital that victims explore all possible reasons for a collision and reasons for injuries related to the crash. By exploring the potential causes of a crash, all liable parties will usually be revealed.

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