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Fundraiser remembers those killed by drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

Richmond’s chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving completed its 8th Walk Like MADD fundraiser last Saturday. The annual fundraiser is completed each year in memory of victims, survivors and family members of those who have been harmed by drunk driving.

The non-competitive run/walk event is 5 kilometers in length. In addition to raising money, it is also intended to bring awareness to MADD’s efforts and inspire change. It is hoped that drivers will become more aware of their actions and avoid negative driving habits. Even if the event serves to prevent just one drunk driving accident, it should definitely be considered a success.

Currently, MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is seeking to achieve the following goals for Virginia and the rest of the nation:

— Ignition interlock devices installed in cars to prevent convicted drunk drivers from driving while drunk

— High-visibility law enforcement

— Raising funds to support new technologies in cars that render DUI driving impossible.

Anything that MADD can do to move the campaign to stop drunk driving further along is laudable. According to 2013 statistics, the fight in Virginia is far from over. A total of 253 people died as a result of DUI crashes that year. Nationwide, over 10,000 deaths were attributed to drunk driving and 290,000 individuals were injured due to the crime that year.

In 2013, 253 people in Virginia were killed in drunk driving crashes. Nationwide, more than 10,000 lives were lost due to drunk driving and another 290,000 people were injured in drunk driving crashes.

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