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Pursuing claims for workers’ compensation benefits in Virgina

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is a safety net for Virginia workers who suffer any kind of serious injury while they are performing their job duties. The insurance will pay for medical bills, provide a lost wages supplement and cover other costs relating to an inability to work and medical rehabilitation while recovering from work-related injuries.

Workers who suffer a permanent disability may also be able to qualify for permanent total compensation, which pays a disabled worker lifetime benefits. Furthermore, family members of workers who are killed on the job may be able to seek death benefits to help pay for the workers’ dependents’ needs.

At the Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we offer representation to workers who are hurt on the job — whether they are employed by the local, state or federal government or in the private sector. We are absolutely committed to the protection of Virginia workers’ rights. In this regard, we also handle other types of employment law claims.

The most important part of filing a workers’ compensation claim involves reporting the on-the-job injury to the employer within 30 days of the accident or appearance of the condition. The employer will then file an accident report with its insurance company and the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. If all goes well, the insurance company’s adjuster will approve the claim for benefits and the worker will receive payments to cover medical bills and lost wages. However, if something goes wrong in the process — like the adjuster decides to deny benefits — then it may be necessary to take legal measures to resolve the issue and ensure that the worker justly receives the level of compensation he or she is due.

At the Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we have helped countless individuals overcome obstacles in their workers’ compensation matters. We have resolved claims for benefits that were initially denied, we have resolved problems relating to benefits that are underpaid and much more. If you have a workers’ compensation problem that you are currently struggling with, we will listen to the facts pertaining to your case and advise your legal rights and options. Best of all, first-time workers’ compensation consultations with our firm are completely free of charge.