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2 dangerous jobs in the United States

Let's face it. Some jobs in America are a lot more dangerous than others. This article will take a look at two of the most dangerous among them. If you are currently considering one of these career tracks, you may want to consider the risks before you set down on that path.

4,000 fingers lost annually in saw accidents

Approximately 4,000 workers get their fingers cut off by saws each year. The sad part about this is that saw accidents are completely avoidable for the most part. New technology -- which can be cheaply installed on modern saws -- can stop a saw instantly if it comes into contact with human skin, thereby avoiding injury.

How to avoid accidents with drunk drivers on the road

The key to avoiding an accident with a drunk driver is to stay extremely attentive while driving and examine the drivers around you for signs of possible inebriation. You should also never agree to ride in a vehicle driven by a drunk person, no matter what the circumstances.

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