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What constitutes a reasonable person in terms of negligence?

When determining whether negligence occurred in a car accident case, Virginia courts will seek to determine whether the allegedly at-fault party exercised the level of care that any "reasonable person" would have exercised given the circumstances. What, then, is a "reasonable person" in this context?

Motorcycle crash injuries caused by smartphone use

It is very rare that you would see a motorcyclist texting-while-driving, but if you did see one, the motorcyclist would be breaking the law. Similarly, it is illegal in the state of Virginia to text and drive an automobile. Nevertheless, we have all seen someone next to us in traffic, completely engrossed in the process of typing on his or her smartphone and not fully paying attention to the traffic.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving strategy for reducing DUIs

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving website offers some advice on how our nation can continue to reduce instances of drunk driving, which have been on the decline for years now. The safety organization begins its advice with an plea to support police officers who risk their lives every day in order to keep our roadways safe. In fact, 44 percent of police who die in the line of duty die in car accidents.

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