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On-the-job injury claims in Virginia

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2016 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

It does not matter if you are a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, construction worker, a janitor or a high-level executive — a serious injury could destroy your ability to support yourself and your family financially in a heartbeat. Indeed, no matter what you do for a living in Virginia, if you get injured on the job and are suddenly unable to perform your job duties, this could interfere with your ability to put food on your family’s table.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation exists to help workers who have been injured continue to support themselves — even if they are no longer able to perform their job duties as a result of an injury. Wage replacement benefits are one of the most important aspects of any workers’ compensation claim for this reason. However, it might not be possible for all workers to obtain such benefits without asserting their legal rights in court.

Anyone can file a workers’ compensation claim, and often workers’ compensation claims pursued without the assistance of an attorney can result valuable benefits for the worker who filed the claim. Nevertheless, having a highly experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side is an excellent way to ensure that you have pursued the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits available to you. Furthermore, it can ensure that you have pursued your benefits in a strategic and appropriate fashion.

The fact is, most people have never filed a workers’ compensation claim before, nor do they know what types of legal strategies are available to them. They may not even be aware of what types of benefits are available to them. Workers’ compensation attorneys, on the other hand, are navigating claims and litigating every day on behalf of numerous injured clients. This gives a workers’ compensation attorney — such as those found at the Dickerson & Smith Law Group — valuable legal knowledge that the attorneys’ clients can benefit from.