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New headlight technology could help prevent accidents

When it comes to nighttime driving safety, headlights are essential. They help you see the road and obstacles in front of you, and they also allow you to be seen and avoided by other vehicles with which you're sharing the roadway. Because they are so important, any significant advance in headlight technology can represent a big step forward for motor vehicle safety in general.

Does the United States have the most dangerous roads?

Everyone knows that driving is dangerous, even if we don't think about those dangers on a daily basis. However, what most Americans don't realize is the fact that the United States has more car accident deaths each year than comparable high-income nations. Even though the United States has seen a dramatic decrease in car accident related deaths over the last 13 years, it hasn't declined as much as other countries.

How to safeguard your rights after a construction-related injury

After suffering a serious workplace accident, the last thing a Virginia Beach worker will be thinking about is finances. The injured worker will be more concerned about getting the medical care necessary to heal. There will also be the question of whether or not the worker will be able to heal or if the injuries are permanent. Only later will the worker start to turn to finances, and particularly ask the question, "How am I going to pay for all this?"

Prevent truck accidents by avoiding the no zone

Most drivers are accustomed to seeing large trucks on Virginia highways. In fact, these trucks are so commonplace that drivers rarely consider how extremely dangerous they are. During peak traffic times, you might end up getting a little too close to these large vehicles -- so close that you could get hit and involved in a catastrophic accident.

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