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Do truckers get enough sleep? One trucker's story is illuminating

A recent personal essay posted on TruckingTruth is so well written, and so illustrative of what truckers have to deal with in terms of sleep deprivation, that we wanted to talk about it here. In the article, a trucker describes his process of coming to grips with the strange sleeping patterns associated with the long haul.

Braking on a motorcycle: How to do it safely

At The Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we have seen and represented plaintiffs in a lot of different motorcycle accident scenarios. In many of these cases, even though other parties were at fault, we have seen evidence that the injured motorcyclist might have had a better chance of avoiding the accident and injury if he or she had employed better braking technique.

How do you settle a car accident claim?

The first thing you want to have in your back pocket when you decide to settle your car accident claim is a personal injury lawyer. Your Virginia personal injury attorney will have a sense for a fair settlement value to assign to your car accident injury lawsuit to ensure that receive a monetary settlement that's appropriate considering the facts of your case.

Drunk driver appears in court after fatal crash

A 31-year-old man appeared in court late last month to face drunk driving charges related to the car accident death of an 18-year-old woman. The man was traveling eastbound when he lost control of his vehicle, it crossed the centerline and he crashed head-on into the young woman's sport utility vehicle.

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