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Motorcycle safety: What's the safest helmet?

When it comes to motorcycle safety gear, some are safer than others. However, when it comes to motorcycle helmets, there are so many options that it's difficult to know which helmets are most likely to save your life in the event of a crash. If you're in the market to buy the safest motorcycle helmet made, there's one thing you should keep in mind: Buy a helmet with full-face protection.

Here's how you can prevent a car accident

Every Virginia Beach resident can get behind the idea of car accident prevention. These unfortunate events have destroyed many lives by causing permanent injuries, and cut many lives short. The problem is that most drivers in Virginia take their safety for granted after spending years driving on the road without incident, and they don't even take the simplest of precautions to prevent crashes from happening.

Did you get hurt in a semitruck jackknife accident?

Semitrucks that have large trailers behind them are always in danger of causing a jackknife accident. When an eighteen-wheeler jackknifes, it means that the truck driver took too sharp of a turn -- so sharp that "tractor" and the "trailer" started moving at odd angles to one another. These accidents are most common when a tractor trailer is trying to back up in a small space.

We all know the truth about motorcycles: They're dangerous

At the Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we are passionate defenders of the rights of motorcyclists to enjoy riding their bikes on safe roads that are free of distracted, drunk, negligent and unlawful drivers. However, we are also realistic about the fact that -- as long as humans are driving cars -- they will do immoral things behind the wheel.

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