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Self-balancing motorcycle could help prevent crashes

You've heard of self-driving cars, but what about a self-balancing motorcycle. Numerous motorcyclists get injured because they lose control of their bikes, or their bikes end up laying over on their sides. In its most recent technological invention, Honda hopes to change and reduce these dangers with its self-balancing motorcycle.

Should Ford's 'Do Not Drive' warning pertain to more vehicles?

Ford Motor Company issued a 'Do Not Drive' directive pertaining to approximately 2,900 of its 2006 Ranger pickups. The warning relates to a problem with defective Takata Airbags that were installed in the vehicles. According to Ford, the airbags could explode and shoot hot metal shrapnel into the vehicle compartments -- potentially killing the occupants inside. Even worse, according to Ford, the airbags could explode at any moment.

Examples of common car accidents police see all the time

Virginia Beach police officers who have years of experience see new kinds of car accidents all the time. However, there are certain car accident scenarios that they see again and again. When it's considered that the majority of these could have and should have been avoided -- if the at-fault driver had acted more responsibly -- the destruction and injuries caused by these crashes is particularly distressing.

Toyota unveils its latest driverless car technology: Is it safe?

The new buzz term in the automotive industry is "driverless cars." It seems that every auto manufacturer has joined the bandwagon to contribute to the self-driving car industry. The proponents of driverless tech say that these cars will bring with them a new era of road safety, where we don't have to worry about drunk, reckless or distracted drivers causing accidents anymore.

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