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2 automakers warn consumers not to drive certain vehicles

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Ford has issued a warning to drivers who own 2006 Ford Ranger pickup trucks. Don’t drive the car, an airbag recall issue, has been resolved. The problem relates the potentially deadly Takata Airbags installed in the vehicles. In the event of a collision, there’s the chance of the airbag inflator detonating with an explosion. These explosions have killed drivers and passengers around the world. Because of the dangers, Ford recommends that drivers of 2006 Ford Rangers do not operate their vehicles until after a dealership has fixed the problem.

Ford is not the only dealer to issue a do not drive warning over defective 2006 pickup trucks. Mazda also issued a warning regarding similarly-equipped B-Series pickups. All of the pickups included in these warnings have already been subject to previous recalls. However, numerous drivers have yet to take their pickups into the local dealership for the repair. Fearful that these drivers could be endangering themselves and others, Ford and Mazda have ramped up their warnings.

To support consumers in staying safe and getting their vehicles fixed, both automakers are offering free towing services and free repairs. This means that consumers can get their trucks fixed without it interrupting their daily schedules; and more importantly, they can fix their pickups without having to risk their lives with a drive to the dealership.

There is no excuse for the deaths and catastrophic injuries caused by defective Takata Airbags. If you were involved in a car accident in which your injuries were made worse because of an exploding airbag – or another kind of defective automobile part – you may want to determine if sufficient evidence exists to support a personal injury claim.

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