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American automakers handicapped by pedestrian safety test

After the U.S. president's recent comments about the alleged "bowling ball test" employed by Japan to prevent American-made automobiles from being sold by the country, everyone is asking what this strange test could be. The bowling ball test (and other tests like it) are the means by which countries test whether vehicles are equipped with pedestrian-friendly features that could prevent catastrophic and fatal injuries to people on foot.

Can a truck drive in the left lane in Virginia?

The left lane of an interstate, often referred to as the "fast" lane, is for passing. Faster traffic stays to the left, while slower traffic, such as those who are about to exit, stays to the right. This limits congestion and helps everyone move at roughly the rate they desire.

The impact of alcohol on drivers and why it leads to car crashes

Moderate alcohol use in a controlled environment can be safe, but excessive use -- which is often not as much as people think -- by those who then get behind the wheel can turn deadly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that one person is killed in a DUI crash every 50 minutes. This results in 29 deaths per day, and that's not even counting non-fatal injury accidents.

5 ways to avoid a motorcycle crash

Regardless of who is at fault for any given motorcycle collision, approximately 80 percent of motorcycle crashes reported to authorities involve death or injuries according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Perhaps the most distressing part of this statistic, however, is the fact that most of these fatal or injurious accidents could have been avoided if either the motorcyclist or the vehicle driver involved in the crash had taken specific precautions.

2017 saw a record number of pedestrian deaths: Why?

The vulnerability of a pedestrian in the event that he or she is struck by a motor vehicle is obvious. A driver in a car is protected by thousands of pounds of metal and safety equipment, and a pedestrian's body is completely exposed to injury. Add the fact that vehicles are usually traveling at high speeds and you can see why many pedestrians are killed after being struck by a car.

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