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The physical and mental impact of alcohol on driving

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News |

Drunk driving is so dangerous because it can impact both a person’s mental ability to drive the car and his or her physical ability.

For instance, alcohol impairs judgment. A driver may always observe the speed limit and drive carefully in daily life. After a few drinks, though, that person may suddenly feel a lot more open to the idea of speeding and driving recklessly. People often do things they regret in the morning when they’re intoxicated, and, if one of those things is reckless driving, they could put others in serious danger.

Even those who are not reckless may see their ability to driven decrease, especially as far as perception is concerned. Someone who is drunk may not even see a stop sign, despite the fact that it’s obvious to sober drivers. That person may think a red light is actually a green light. As happens in many wrong-way accidents, a drunk person may mistakenly believe that an off-ramp is an on-ramp.

On top of all of this, alcohol impairs a person’s physical ability. It’s harder to keep a consistent speed or stay in the proper lane. Reaction times decrease. A drunk driver may see stopped traffic up ahead, but it takes him or her so long to press the brakes that a rear-end accident occurs. Many drunk drivers have near misses as their physical skills deteriorate.

Those who get hit by drunk drivers may have high medical bills, lost wages and many other costs. It is very important for them to know all of the legal options they have to seek out financial compensation.

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