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What do you want in your starter home?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Firm News, Residential Real Estate |

Odds are that the first home you buy isn’t going to be the one you live in for the rest of your life. Many people buy starter homes. It’s a step up from renting an apartment, but they plan to move on to bigger, more expensive homes as they advance in their careers.

So, what should you look for when shopping for that first house? It should start with affordability. Don’t just buy the most expensive house you can get. Wait for a good deal or a dip in the market. Remember, you’re planning to sell this house someday, so you want to make sure you’ll earn money in that transaction.

You do want to consider your future, even though you do not plan to live here forever. For instance, are you going to start a family? How many kids do you want, and when? Buying a home with just two bedrooms may not be a good option if you plan to have a few kids in the next 10 years and you’ll quickly outgrow the house.

Take your job into account, as well. How long is that commute? How much time do you really want to spend on the road? Having to drive for an hour may seem doable when you really love a house, but it can get old when you spend two hours on the road every day.

Once you find the right house that will work for you, take the time to look into the legal side of the process. Make sure you understand what steps to take to make the transaction go smoothly.