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Tips for increasing visibility while riding a motorcycle

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents |

Imagine you’re traveling down the road in a big red semitruck at 70 mph. Everyone is going to see you coming, and if they’re in your way, they’ll probably get out of it as quickly as possible. Now imagine you’re traveling down the same road, at the same speed, on a motorcycle. You’re tiny compared to the big rig and less likely to be seen. This lack of visibility makes motorcyclists more likely to get struck by motorists who don’t see them.

To increase your chances of not getting into a serious collision on a motorcycle, there are many things you can do — and becoming more visible is one of the most important. Here are a few tips that will make you more visible on the road:

Buy a bright bike

Bikes come in endless colors and varieties, so why not increase your visibility by purchasing a brightly colored one. This could actually save your life.

Don bright clothing

The clothing you wear increases your visibility — or decreases it — dramatically while traveling on a motorcycle. Consider buying a bright riding jacket and pants that have reflective strips on them. Do the same with your helmet choice.

Use reflective tape

Do a once-over on your bike to determine any areas that might not be as reflective and bright as they can be. Put reflective tape on these areas to make you stand out better during the evening hours.

Tap the breaks

Before you stop or slow down for a sharp turn, it’s a good idea to give the drivers behind you a warning by tapping your breaks.

Buy a high-quality headlamp

A high quality headlamp will also increase your visibility tremendously. Also, consider getting some auxiliary running lights.

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