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Injuries, medical bills and bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

You have tried to be smart with your money. You don’t rack up huge amounts of debt that you can’t afford. However, bankruptcy could still be in your future.

After all, financial experts note that many bankruptcy filings actually stem from medical bills. You get injured in a car accident and find yourself in massive debt. It’s not a financial mistake in the same sense as credit card debt, but it still drives you into financial problems that you can’t avoid. Some studies have claimed that medical bills contribute to as much as 66 percent of bankruptcy cases.

There are some inherent financial issues that go along with these bills. For instance, maybe your injuries mean you can no longer work. Now, you don’t just have medical bills and debt, but you have no income to go along with it. Your standard bills — mortgage payments and the like — become too much to afford.

Even family members can get drawn into it. Maybe your injuries are so severe that you need around-the-clock care. Your spouse is forced to quit their job to take care of you. Again, it’s a reduction in income. That can lead to bankruptcy eventually, even if you have enough in your savings to get by for a short time.

It’s very important to look at the big picture after a car accident, thinking about all of the ways it can change your life. If you’re facing high medical bills, lost wages and other complications, make sure you understand all of the legal options you have to seek financial compensation.