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Police hope families of victims can help to reduce DWIs during holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

While not every DWI case ends in a fatal accident, driving while under the influence greatly increase the chances that a driver will crash. Drunk driving accidents are also most likely to be fatal accidents. More often than not, the victims in these accidents are not the drunk driver, which makes them even more harrowing. These accidents tend to see an increase during the holiday season in Virginia. 

In a collaborative effort between Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Virginia Beach Police, the families of people killed in drunk driving accidents told their stories in a press conference. The goal was to spread the word about what an impact the choice to drive after drinking can make. Not only could a drunk driver take a life, but he or she can also ruin his or her own life. 

Hearing personal stories like these could impact people who may not have thought about their actions in the past. The groups encourage people to find an alternative to getting behind the wheel this holiday if they consume any alcohol. That could be finding a designated sober driver, hiring a ride share service or making plans to stay overnight after a celebration. 

The press conference also promoted the Tie One On For Safety campaign, which encourages drivers to tie a red ribbon to their vehicle in a visible spot to represent the victims of drunk driving accidents. Seeing this symbol could help many drivers choose a sober solution this holiday season and help reduce the number of drunk drivers on the state’s roads and prevent any more lives lost due to alcohol-related accidents. 

Source: WTKR