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How can you better your chances of getting mortgage funding?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Getting a home in Virginia means you will need the approval to get a mortgage. The process of financing a new home is just one aspect of the home-buying process. If even one thing goes awry, you may lose your whole deal.

Preparing for taking on a mortgage can better your chances of getting approved. Even if you are not actively looking to buy a home, making responsible financial decisions can facilitate the home-buying process down the road.

Take control

Your credit score plays a major role in elevating your financial appeal when making big purchases. In preparation for buying a home, consider ways you can pay down outstanding debts and boost your credit score.

You may also consider getting pre-approved for a home mortgage. This process involves an analysis of your financial standing. Lenders will then recommend a number that you could reasonably afford to spend on a new home. You can use your pre-approval status as leverage to sway a seller to accept your offer over others.

Be proactive

Buying in a booming real estate market may mean you have to deal with numerous other interested buyers. According to Zillow, once you receive notification that a buyer accepts your offer, move quickly through the remainder of the home-buying process. Respond promptly to inquiries regarding appraisals, inspections, contingency requirements and title transfers. If you anticipate a seller will accept your offer, you may even begin to arrange some things prior to receiving an acceptance offer.

As the sale progresses, begin adjusting your budget to reflect your new mortgage commitments. Proactive planning can help you continue to maintain good financial standing with your lender and the credit companies.