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Are construction fatalities on the rise?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

Workers at a Virginia construction site may find themselves frequently dodging hazards. Falling objects and malfunctioning tools could lead to severe injuries. Sadly, physical harm might result in a fatality. Reviewing construction accident statistics reveals terrible facts: Many people die in incidents at construction sites each year. Being mindful of various dangers could be an essential safety step for construction workers.

Risks and fatalities at construction sites

The National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries reveals that 1,061 people died in construction accidents in 2019. “Falls to lower levels” ranks highest on the list of causes for fatalities. More than 36% of 2019 fatalities resulted from such falls. Tragically, all it takes is one slip or a safety harness to fail for someone to die in a fall. Several other reasons could contribute to these types of accidents, as well.

Construction sites may feature multiple dangers due to all the vehicles moving around. Everything from cars to tractor-trailers to cargo vans might drive on and off the job site. Forklifts could carry heavy objects for use on the site. And yes, the presence of all these vehicles creates the potential for a fatal collision.

Electrocutions and “caught-in/between” accidents also cause many fatalities. Construction workers might take numerous steps to avoid getting hurt but doing so is not always possible.

The aftermath of a construction injury

After someone gets hurt at a construction site, “workers compensation- construction and shipyard- serious injuries” might be mentioned afterward. Injured workers may need compensation to deal with the costs of recovering at home and missing work. With fatalities, workers’ compensation may pay a death benefit to eligible survivors.

If a third party caused the accident, filing a lawsuit might be an option beyond a workers’ compensation claim. Injured workers or relatives of deceased workers might be able to pursue litigation when a third party’s negligence caused the incident.