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Reinstating your suspended license in Virginia

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Getting your suspended license reinstated means proving that the event won’t happen again. Drivers have to work on improving their driving skills and knowledge. You have to review and follow all of the requirements for license reinstatement in Virginia.

The process of reinstatement

After getting your license suspended, you must prove to the court that you deserve another chance. There is a process to follow for getting your license reinstated. Some people have to pay fines, complete defensive driving classes, show proof of insurance, or complete other requirements.

Drivers charged with driving while intoxicated have to complete DWI or DUI programs that include drug and alcohol abuse awareness. Drivers charged with speeding or reckless driving have to take defensive driving courses. The average course may take a few hours and be administered fully online.

In addition, the drivers might have to pay hundreds of dollars in fees to reinstate their licenses. Not following these steps means the risk of getting the license revoked. Drivers are encouraged to check the violation points on their driving records regularly.

When does a license get suspended?

DWI is one reason for having your license suspended. There are severe penalties involved whether it’s your first offense or you’re a repeat offender. A DWI charge can be challenged in court or dismissed altogether, which may help you avoid license suspension.

Reinstating your license

To reinstate a suspended license, drivers must show greater skill and caution in the future. Having a suspended license is not a crime, and every driver can regain his or her driving privileges. This means taking driving courses and paying fees to show that you are capable of being on the public roads again.