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The accidents and injuries of shipyard gear use

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers in Virginia are expected to be familiar with the many types of hazards that surround them. Welders, mechanics and deep-sea divers are known to have dangerous occupations, but few people notice the risks that dockyard workers face. They work on assembling very large ships with the use of heavy-duty equipment. Shipyard gear weighs more than building construction gear and is more difficult and dangerous to handle.

Hazards of using shipyard gear

The types of shipyard gear include cranes, rigging equipment, syncrolifts and other devices. Many of these devices weigh several tons and could cause severe injuries when dropped or misused. A few common problems include overloading the gear or connecting the parts incorrectly, which causes a falling load if the rope or chain breaks.

Another hazard is moving heavy loads too closely to the workers. A crane often moves loads over or near workers’ heads, which is a common safety violation. The first step is to designate safety zones that all workers must pay attention to.

Types of severe injuries

The type and weight of the equipment involved in a falling load accident are factors that determine the severity of serious injuries in a shipyard. On construction sites where ships are being built, there are problems with falling loads involving cranes or forklifts, slips and falls, fires and structural collapses. The result could be a serious personal injury or wrongful death that needs to be settled by a lawyer or handled in court.

Educating shipyard workers about the dangers

Shipyard accidents are often caused by a lack of caution or experience in using various shipyard gear. Preventing injuries among workers starts by identifying the risks and hazards of working at a particular site.