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Steps to take after a car crash

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Very few events in life can cause confusion like an auto accident. Virginians who are seriously injured are often incapacitated to the point that they cannot respond, and those who can are so rattled they do not know exactly what to do beyond calling 911 as soon as possible. Lives are often in the balance immediately following a crash too, which can make the scenario even worse. Beyond contacting authorities, there are some things accident victims should remember in terms of what to do and what to avoid in the aftermath.

Interacting with other victims

With serious injury motor vehicle accidents, it is sometimes vital to help if possible without endangering yourself or others. Outside of emergency intervention, the seriousness of the accident determines what drivers should do. In a minor accident with minimal damage, reporting it to the nearest police precinct and exchanging insurance information may be sufficient. However, never get into an altercation with another driver.

Talking to police

Accidents where a police report is necessary requires waiting for law enforcement and answering specific questions from officers. It is important to only answer what is asked, and never admit fault for the collision. Officers are attempting to determine what actually happened, and an admission of fault could harm any subsequent auto accident injury claims.

Seek medical treatment

Sometimes those who are involved do not realize how serious an injury may be at first. Additionally, there may be multiple individuals involved who are more seriously harmed and medical technicians must treat them first. It is important to seek medical attention even for a superficial injury because internal injuries happen very commonly, and being properly compensated following the fact can hinge on a professional medical evaluation and diagnosis.

Of course, each accident is unique in some aspect. However, it is better to err on the side of caution and let the officers and medical techs do their jobs in resolving any issues and injuries.