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Stats about driving dangers and accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Car Accidents |

People wishing to stay safe while traveling in Virginia might be interested in reviewing available accident and safety statistics. Reviewing accident information may provide insights that could help a driver avoid making costly and dangerous mistakes. The info might also help someone remain on the lookout for reckless drivers prone to cause crashes.

Crash statistics

Data from 2019 paints a picture of how dangerous driving can be in the United States. During that year, 36,096 people died in collisions, while roughly 2.7 million suffered injuries. 28% of those deaths resulted from alcohol-related accidents. Even with all the awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving, many people still get behind the wheel impaired. Their actions could cost others their lives.

Similarly, distracted driving continues to be a problem. Distracted driving accidents could happen anywhere. Someone texting while pulling out of a parking spot could hit another vehicle, driver or pedestrian. 2018 saw 2,800 people die in distracted driving incidents, indicating the danger.

Negligence and accidents

Numerous factors contribute to accidents, with negligence playing a significant role. When someone drives too fast, accident risks increase because of the risk of losing control of the vehicle. Those who don’t adjust their driving behavior in winter road conditions may also cause motor vehicle accidents. Speeding, weaving in and out of lanes and tailgating could be dangerous in any conditions, but they might be even worse on icy or slick roads.

Drowsy driving is also hazardous; people too tired to drive may suffer from slowed reactions and perceptions. Such limitations undermine the ability to drive safely, so doing so could be negligent. Persons hurt by a reckless or negligent motorist might take legal action to recover their losses.