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Are You Interested In Adoption?

The Virginia Administrative Code (22 VAC 40-260 )defines adoption as the legal process in which a child’s rights and duties associated with his or her birth parents are terminated and similar rights and duties are established with a new family.

There are two primary means of adoption:

  1. agency placement
  2. parental placement.

Open, closed, agency, international, and stepparent adoptions fall into these two categories.

Regardless of its description, every type of adoption must follow all federal and international laws, as well as a set of procedures set out in Virginia’s statutes that govern the placement of children. Domestically, most adoptions come through parental placement, with a substantial portion also working through agencies. International adoptions are almost solely conducted through an agency. Either way, at The Dickerson & Smith Law Group, our attorneys are skilled at handling all variations in adoption proceedings.

The sheer amount of protocol and paperwork could be daunting to even the most dedicated potential parent. Thus, retaining a family law attorney is often the best way to ensure a successful expansion of your family. Our attorneys help clients from the beginning of the process, for those who have just started investigating options to those who have located a child and who may only need a lawyer’s assistance with final court representation. We take the complications away and allow you to focus on more important things during the adoption process, like home visits and, of course, getting to know the new member of the family. Please contact us online or call our office today for an appointment if you need legal assistance with an adoption: 757-828-0031.