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Avoid getting in a car accident this New Year's Eve

Christmas is behind us and as we approach the new year, Virginia Beach drivers need to be aware of various safety concerns for New Year's Eve. Most importantly, drivers need to know that on New Year's Eve, there will be more inebriated drivers on the road than usual. In order for you to make it back home after going to a friend's celebration, make sure to drive defensively, with care and completely sober.

Seeking personal injury damages after a motorcycle crash

Even the smallest of motorcycle accidents can result in a serious injury, but sometimes those injuries do not reveal themselves until several days after an accident occurs. For example, traumatic brain injuries might not be identified until after an accident victim has returned home believing that nothing was wrong. It is vital that anyone involved in a motorcycle accident seek medical attention at the first sign of injury.

What are the regulations for drivers drinking before a shift?

Drunk driving accidents are often very serious or even fatal, and the chances of serious injury increase exponentially when the person driving under the influence is operating a commercial vehicle. Victims of these types of accidents may be surprised to find out that the tractor-trailer driver was driving drunk and wonder about how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations deal with drinking and operating a commercial vehicle.

Were you in an accident caused by a drunk driver?

In terms of personal injury claims, the successful pursuit of a case after being injured in a car accident will require strong evidence that shows another individual or business's negligent caused the accident resulting injuries. In situations where the at-fault driver is convicted of DUI in criminal court, such a conviction can be used to help prove the driver's liability for damages in civil court.

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