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What kinds of features would a car crash-proof human have?

We have made a lot of advances in car accident safety over the last 30 years. Anti-lock brakes, airbags, seat belt requirements and a host of other safety features now standard on vehicles prevent a lot of deaths and serious injuries. That said, the human body is not set up to withstand the extreme conditions involved in a serious auto collision. However, what if the human body received a safety upgrade to help it survive a car accident? What features would our bodies have?

Important things to know about commercial truck accidents

An accident involving a big rig truck -- especially if it is with a smaller vehicle -- will often cause serious and catastrophic injuries. These collisions can be fatal as well. If the crash involves a truck that is carrying hazardous and/or flammable cargo, it can also represent dangers for surrounding vehicles and pedestrians who may not have even been involved in the collision. This article will discuss several important things to keep in mind when it comes to these dangerous incidents.

Tires, treadwear and car accident prevention

Tires are certainly not pretty, and some of them are extremely expensive; however, a good set of tires can save lives. In fact, having a great set of tires could prevent drivers from getting in a host of different kinds of accidents. Virginia Beach motorists will therefore want to pay attention to the condition of their tires and look closely at treadwear when doing so.

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