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Motorcycle safety: Is it time to replace my motorcycle tires?

Cars are infinitely safer than motorcycles. There are a lot of safety features, protective frames and fail-safes that protect the drivers of cars, while the drivers of motorcycles are far more exposed to dangers. One of particular concern relates to tires.

Stay safer by treating your bike like an airplane

Bicyclists are exposed to the elements when they're on the road. They don't have a heavy metal frame for protection -- so when they get into a crash, serious injuries result. Aside from wearing the usual protective gear -- like helmets and reflective vests -- what can bicyclists do to be safer?

Car accident injuries to the neck and chest

Virtually any kind of injury can happen in a Virginia Beach car accident. You might suffer broken bones, torn ligaments, sprained ligaments, traumatic brain injuries and more. Two areas of the body, however, tend to be some of the most commonly injured: the neck and chest. Neck and chest injuries can also be extremely problematic and permanently disabling.

Prevent car accidents by maintaining your tires

An easy way to prevent car accidents is to properly maintain your tires. Vehicles with worn out tires are much more likely to lose control and get into a crash. Vehicles with well-maintained tires, on the other hand, will stop faster, negotiate traffic more effectively, and have a higher probability of avoiding a collision.

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