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Drunk driving crashes: Is the intoxicated driver always liable?

You might think -- if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver -- that the intoxicated driver should be liable to pay for your medical care. However, although it's likely that this will the case, personal injury lawsuits following a DUI crash are more complicated than this.

2 automakers warn consumers not to drive certain vehicles

Ford has issued a warning to drivers who own 2006 Ford Ranger pickup trucks. Don't drive the car, an airbag recall issue, has been resolved. The problem relates the potentially deadly Takata Airbags installed in the vehicles. In the event of a collision, there's the chance of the airbag inflator detonating with an explosion. These explosions have killed drivers and passengers around the world. Because of the dangers, Ford recommends that drivers of 2006 Ford Rangers do not operate their vehicles until after a dealership has fixed the problem.

Bikers: Boost your visibility on a motorcycle

When it comes to motorcycle safety, there is only so much a helmet and armored jacket can do to prevent injuries. Ultimately, you'll want to avoid getting into a crash at all costs, and one way to do that is to increase your visibility. The more visible you are, the more likely cars will see you ahead of time so that they can avoid hitting you.

Did you suffer from a head or back injury from a car accident?

The head and back are some of the most vulnerable areas of the body in a motor vehicle accident. They are also essential parts of the body for proper function and mobility. For this reason, injuries to the head and back tend to come with the most severe and protracted consequences for car accident victims.

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