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DUI charges after car crash involving fatal and serious injuries

A Virginia man faces DUI and manslaughter charges after being involved in a fatal accident with a sport utility vehicle. Allegedly, the man hit the sport utility vehicle with his car in Woodbridge, after running a red light on a recent Sunday morning.

Study shows that drunk drivers are rarer than 10 years ago

Approximately 10 years ago, Virginia lawmakers created over 70 bills to increase the penalties relating to dunk drivers and create what is almost a zero-tolerance policy for repeat drunk driving offenders. The question is, though, did it work?

9-car crash closes lanes in New Kent, Virginia

A nine-car crash closed lanes and left wreckage all along the east side of I-64 near New Kent, Virginia. The whole thing started, according to reports, when a person who was driving a box truck tried to pick up a bottle of water. He reached to get it and caused the first impact. As cars began to collide, more and more vehicles were drawn into the chaos. Two semi-trucks were also involved.

Virginia police out in force this Fourth of July weekend

Fourth of July brings the busiest travel weekend of summer. As such, the Virginia State Police are out in force as a part of "Operation CARE," seeking to reduce motor vehicle accident fatalities by aggressively enforcing the state's traffic laws. Hopefully, they will succeed in their efforts considering that Fourth of July weekend is one of the most dangerous holidays for drunk driving deaths.

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