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Drunk driving car accident claims in Virginia Beach City

Even the smallest of fender-benders can result in serious personal injury. Mix alcohol into the equation and what should have been a simple bumper crumple can escalate into a fatal accident in a heartbeat. Virginia Beach City residents who have been lucky enough to survive a drunk driving accident with non-fatal injuries, and families who have lost a loved one in such a crash, know how painful the aftermath of such an accident can be.

Will workers’ compensation cover Ebola?

In order for a Virginia Beach City worker to qualify for workers' compensation based on a disease or illness like Ebola, he or she must have contracted the disease as a result of performing his or her job. The disease or illness must also have arisen as a result of the individual's "peculiar" work conditions.

Common motorcycle accidents in Virginia

Few motorcycle riders will tell you that riding a bike is safe. However, the smartest ones will tell you that a biker who takes precautions and is skilled at defensive driving, will be dramatically less likely to get into a crash and suffer personal injury. What, then, are some of the more common types of Virginia Beach City motorcycle crashes and how do you avoid them?

Virginia high school students learn about DUI car accident risks

Education is key when it comes to distracted driving and DUI accident prevention. That is why one Virginia high school and local firefighters are making a concerted effort to inform students about the risks associated with texting and driving and driving while inebriated.

Accidents related to motorcycles? We can help

Experience definitely matters in the legal industry. The more variety of cases an attorney has handled, and the wider variety of problems he or she has had to resolve, the more chances there will be that the attorney will know exactly how to resolve a similar problem in the future. At the Dickerson & Smith Law Group, we have gathered a team of highly experienced attorneys with extensive knowledge relating to the application of federal, state, county and local laws.

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