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What is distracted driving in Virginia Beach?

Technically, distracted driving is anything that you do that takes your eyes off of the road or splits your attention between driving your car and the other task. It can be simple multitasking that people do every day, like changing the station on the radio, or it can be more complex things like trying to use a mobile device.

Can I get workers' compensation benefits if I was first denied?

Workers' compensation helps Virginia workers who suffer an on-the-job injury to pay for their medical bills. It also helps them with wage replacement and other costs related to their injuries. In the tragic event that a worker dies while performing his or her job duties, the worker's dependents may also be able to pursue benefits to help them through the difficult time following their loved one's death.

Preventing personal injury with bicycle safety technology

Automaker Volvo has teamed up with two other companies to develop a new safety technology that they hope will prevent bicycle versus car accidents. The technology involves helmets rigged with transmitters that will give Volvo drivers proximity alerts and 2-way communication to help cyclists and drivers avoid collisions. Volvo says that its team is the first to create this kind of technology, which connects cyclists and drivers through connected technology.

Fatal injuries from motorcycle defects

Just like automobiles, motorcycles can be defective, and it is not uncommon for those defects to be extremely dangerous. For this reason, whenever a motorcycle is recalled, the owner should take his bike to be serviced immediately to avoid catastrophic or fatal injuries in an accident.

Tips for avoiding a drunk driving accident in Virginia

If you plan on going out for the night to have a few drinks at the bar, you could potentially put yourself in a dangerous situation, as drinking and driving can quickly lead to a serious accident. These tips will help to keep you safe and clear of all such incidents.

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