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Fatal trucking accident claims the life of Virginia truck driver

Semi-truck accidents happen frequently across the United States and in the state of Virginia. Drivers are often overworked, sleep deprived and in some cases, they take various controlled substances to artificially stay alert on the roadway. Because of the immense size of tractor-trailers, semi-truck accidents often cause catastrophic damages to the drivers of smaller automobiles with whom they share the roadway.

Holding drunk drivers responsible for injuries

Every motor vehicle driver carries a great responsibility. Each is responsible for his or her own safety, the safety of his or her passengers and the safety of other drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians on the road. When we consider that a momentary lapse of attention by a motorist can result in catastrophic injuries and property damages, common sense tells us how unwise it is to drink and drive. Nevertheless, numerous Virginia Beach drivers operate their vehicles while intoxicated every single weekend.

Fundraiser remembers those killed by drunk drivers

Richmond's chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving completed its 8th Walk Like MADD fundraiser last Saturday. The annual fundraiser is completed each year in memory of victims, survivors and family members of those who have been harmed by drunk driving.

Pursuing damages in a motor vehicle accident claim

Every motor vehicle accident case is different, but when it comes to injured victims seeking justice and restitution, they usually boil down to the question of negligence. Determining who was negligent in an accident might be easy to do on a gut instinct level, but it is also necessary to pinpoint the specific law or laws that the at-fault party or person violated.

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