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Police believe fatal motor vehicle accident caused by alcohol

A Virginia Beach resident suffered a serious injury in a catastrophic and fatal car accident last Sunday. The single-car crash happened just prior to 2 a.m. in Prince George along Ruffin Road.

Motorcycles: What should I do following an accident?

Without sufficient evidence, it may be difficult for authorities to determine who was at fault in a particular motorcycle accident crash; however, if accident scene evidence relating to witness statements, physical crash scene evidence and surveillance camera footage exist, then accident reconstruction experts may be able to reconstruct what occurred.

2 vital motor vehicle accident prevention tips

Driving defensively, following the speed limit and keeping your eyes on the road are three things that almost every Virginia resident tries to do while operating his or her motor vehicle. However, there are two other common sense pieces of advice that a lot of people fail to follow. If Virginia residents did these two things, hundreds, if not thousands, of motor vehicle accident injuries and deaths could be prevented each year.

What costs can I expect after a Virginia Beach car accident?

Car accidents happen every day on Virginia Beach roads and sometimes they result in serious injuries, property damage and other costs. What kinds of costs, then, should the average car accident victim expect to incur following a collision?

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