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Virginia motorcyclists injured by inattentive drivers

A fender-bender between two automobiles is one thing. A fender-bender between an automobile and a motorcycle is an entirely different thing all together. This is probably why you don't see very many motorcyclists driving around while texting or surfing the internet on their smart phones. They just can't afford to. Indeed, a motorcyclist's very life depends on his or her attention to safety.

Damages pursuable in a Virginia car accident claim

Although most auto collisions are nothing more than fender benders where all parties involved can easily walk away unharmed, they are not always so innocent. Car accidents regularly cause catastrophic injury and death on roadways in the state of Virginia. Even worse, the vast majority of these collisions could have been avoided if the at-fault party had acted more responsibly.

Avoid drinking and driving accidents over the holidays

The Virginia State Police say they will be out in full force during the holidays. They have advised drivers to drink responsibly and not get behind the wheel of an automobile while intoxicated. Police across the nation will be patrolling the roads in search of inebriated drivers in order to prevent drunk driving accidents this season.

Drive safe this holiday season by saying

There are so many things out of our control when we take to the roadway. We just can't force other drivers to be attentive, careful and lawful when we share the road with them. However, we can take some simple steps with our own driving to ensure that we can quickly evade these negligent drivers, avoid accidents and not be a negligent driver ourselves. One of those things is obvious, but not a lot of people do it: Just say "no" to distracted driving.

Rise in drunk driving over Thanksgiving weekend

It looks like a lot of drivers enjoyed more than just turkey over the Thanksgiving holiday. Increased alcohol consumption and parties led to more people driving while intoxicated last weekend, police say. Virginia State troopers report that six people lost their lives due to drunk driving during a five day period over the Thanksgiving holiday. Troopers also say that they arrested over 100 inebriated drivers.

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