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How dangerous are jobs working on cell towers?

As the popularity and widespread use of cell phones continues to increase, so does the need for cell towers. Virginia Beach is currently home to nine FCC registered cell phone towers. The number of unregistered towers in the area is anyone's guess. The need for these towers means there is a demand for employees fearless enough to work on such ridiculously tall structures. The height alone makes working on cell towers risky, but other elements of these jobs contribute to the danger.

Watch for these drunk driver indicators

Most car accidents seem to come from nowhere, taking both drivers and passengers by complete surprise. While it can be difficult to spot the risk of an ordinary car accident, motorists might be able to see the warning signs of a potential drunk driving accident ahead of time. With quick action, it may even be possible to avoid the drunk driver, sparing both you and your passengers from injury or death.

Road hazards, speed wobble and visibility concerns for bikers

There is only so much that a motorcyclist can do to prevent getting into a serious car accident, but if he or she is careful, a lot of fatal scenarios can be avoided. In our continued efforts to educate motorcyclists on potential dangers to avoid, this article will cover three dangers that motorcyclists need to be aware of.

Could you be sued for knowingly texting someone who is driving?

Texting while driving is exceedingly dangerous, and many analysts are saying it is even riskier than drunk driving. Statistics from 2014 show that 404 deaths happened as a direct result of drivers using their cellphones while operating their vehicles. These reckless drivers can be sued for their negligence by the victims' families; they can also be sued by the people they injure.

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