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Common motorcycle riding risks

Motorcyclists face real dangers every time they take to the roadway. Even if it's just a short trip around the corner to the market in slow traffic conditions, a fatal collision can happen in a heartbeat. For this reason, motorcycle riders need to be aware of all the dangers they face on the road in order to ensure that they do not become victims of distracted driving, intoxicated driving, unlawful driving and other bad behavior by vehicle drivers.

Smart phone dangers for Virginia Beach residents

Ever since cellphones were invented, it seems that the dangers presented by them have grown. These days, one of the biggest threats to Virginia Beach residents relates to distracted drivers who are too busy looking at their smartphones than staying attentive to roadway conditions.

Virginia Beach car crash injures 2

Car accidents happen every day in Virginia Beach, and fortunately, those involved in the crashes normally escape injury. These incidents are usually nothing more than fender benders, and in many cases, it is not even necessary to report the collision to authorities. That said, not all accidents are injury-free.

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