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Representing plaintiffs in Virginia Beach car crash cases

In the vast majority of Virginia Beach motor vehicle accidents, everyone involved in the crash — including drivers and passengers — walk away free of injury. However, in certain instances, car crashes can result in catastrophic injuries and even death. It is in these cases that it is absolutely vital for police and other people involved in the crash to investigate how and why it occurred, and who was at fault.

1 pedestrian killed in Virginia Beach auto accident

Virginia Beach is not always the safest area for pedestrians. For that reason, both drivers and pedestrians alike must be careful at all times to avoid getting into an accident or injury. That means obeying traffic laws, staying attentive and using common sense. Still, no matter how carefully we comport ourselves, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, serious injuries and death can happen to anyone.

Motorcyclists and personal injury claims

Virginia motorcyclists are some of the safest drivers on the road -- and that's because they have to be. Motorcyclists are exposed; they don't have the protection provided by the steel frames, seat belts, airbags and other safety features that come standard on modern automobiles. Indeed, if a motorcyclist makes a mistake, gets hit by a car or gets into any kind of accident, it could fatal.

Can we trust the safety of self-driving cars?

It seems like all the major carmakers are jumping onto the self-driving bandwagon. Even though that bandwagon is zig-zagging around like it doesn't have a driver itself, the consensus seems to be that self-driving cars will be exponentially safer than human-driven automobiles. Or will they?

8 people injured in Hampton Roads Transit bus crash

A Hampton Roads Transit bus crash injured eight people on a recent Friday along Princess Anne Road. According to police, the accident happened as a car was turning from Princess Anne Road to enter a driveway. The second vehicle slowed down behind the turning car, which caused a third car to veer out of the way.

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