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Woman injured after car crashes into Dollar Tree store

A woman was injured while inside a Dollar Tree store in Virginia Beach. However, this was not a slip-and-fall related injury. This woman was hit by a car. Apparently, a little after 1 p.m. on a recent Thursday, a motor vehicle smashed through the Dollar Tree store's front window and caused the woman's injuries.

Virginia Beach motorcyclists and headlight safety

Virginia Beach motorcyclists need to do everything possible to avoid getting into a serious accident. This includes going to motorcycle safety courses, wearing the latest helmets and safety equipment, getting your bike regularly maintained and other necessary steps. It also means having the best headlights money can buy.

Should truck drivers chock their wheels in the loading dock?

Virginia Beach workers employed at facilities with loading docks need to make safety their number one priority whenever they're unloading a semi-trailer. Truck drivers need to keep the safety of themselves and others as their first priority too. One thing that truckers commonly refrain from doing, however, is to chock their wheels with blocks when they pull their tractor-trailers into a loading dock. What do the safety regulators say about this question?

Going back to work after receiving workers' compensation benefits

Returning to work following an injury will usually mean that your workers' compensation wage replacement benefits will come to an end. However, this is only the case if you go back to work and earn the same as you did prior to your injury. If the worker is earning less than what he or she earned in the past due to a work-caused injury, then wage replacement benefits may be available to help make up the difference.

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