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10 percent of fatal accidents involve large trucks

You've probably heard people in Virginia Beach talk about the high fatality rates in car accidents and the overall danger that driving poses—especially when compared to flying. However, did you know how big of a role large trucks play in these accidents? The stats show that 10 percent of all of the deadly accidents in the United States involve these vehicles.

Pursuing claims for workers' compensation benefits in Virgina

Workers' compensation is a safety net for Virginia workers who suffer any kind of serious injury while they are performing their job duties. The insurance will pay for medical bills, provide a lost wages supplement and cover other costs relating to an inability to work and medical rehabilitation while recovering from work-related injuries.

Alleged drunk driver causes crash in Virginia Beach

A Virginia Beach car accident resulted in one person being transported to the hospital. According to authorities, an allegedly drunk driver smashed into another car and then flipped upside down early Tuesday morning. The incident happened shortly before 4 a.m. in an apartment complex off Providence Road.

Drunk drivers v. stoned drivers? The answers are not clear

Just how deadly are alcohol and marijuana for Virginia's drivers? While the fatal injuries associated with many car accidents do have concrete consequences, a study reveals that intoxicated driving is not always a "cut and dried" situation. The study, which was conducted over a period of 20 months in Virginia Beach, revealed unsurprising data about alcohol use, but the results about marijuana were less predictable.

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