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Have you reviewed your springtime driving safety list?

Every season brings its own set of weather conditions. The summer months bring rain and hot weather, which can create certain types of dangers for drivers, but fall and winter are even worse with their potential for snow, ice and poor visibility. Then, we have springtime when the snow begins to alternatively melt and freeze, resulting in slippery and slick driving surfaces.

Car seats and rear-end crashes: What’s best for babies?

Not too long ago, there was only one kind of child safety car seat: the forward-facing design. These days, child safety seats are different. Nearly every parent knows that for young children under 3 years of age, the rear-facing child seat is the safest. Nevertheless, until a recent safety study published its results, many parents wondered if rear-facing seats were just as safe in car accidents that happened from behind.

How can party hosts prevent drunk driving accidents?

Have you ever heard someone blame a bar or restaurant for causing a drunk driving accident after overserving the driver? The reality is that many drunk drivers are not coming from bars. They're simply coming from homes or apartments owned by friends, family members, coworkers or, if they're in college, fellow students.

Merging, emotions and potential accidents

Accidents happen for many reasons, from distraction to a lack of knowledge regarding traffic laws to vehicle malfunctions. In studying the risks on the road, though, experts often come back to the fact that emotions can get the best of people behind the wheel. This can lead to aggressive driving, speeding, poor decision-making and even road rage.

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