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What do you want in your starter home?

Odds are that the first home you buy isn't going to be the one you live in for the rest of your life. Many people buy starter homes. It's a step up from renting an apartment, but they plan to move on to bigger, more expensive homes as they advance in their careers.

Are some workers' compensation cases more difficult than others?

Numerous workers injured in Virginia and elsewhere have filed for much-needed workers' compensation benefits and been denied the benefits they have a right to receive. In many cases, the workers take the denial on the chin and tragically suffer without their justly-due benefits. At our law firm, we fight in court for these individuals when they have viable claims that have been denied.

Novices should be very careful with sidecars

People often think of sidecars as substantially safer and easier to drive than motorcycles. A lot of it has to do with balance. A traditional bike can tip over on its own and needs support and balance from the driver, especially at stoplights, while a bike with a sidecar stays up on its own.

Safe driving tip: Mirrors and turn signals are your friends

Some drivers seem to ignore the helpful mirrors that their vehicles are equipped with. Even though most cars have a rearview mirror and two side-view mirrors, many irresponsible motorists never seem to use them. Moreover, many drivers are also failing to use their turn signals when turning and changing lanes. This is creating a dangerous situation on the road and causing numerous accidents.

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